Project management

Project Management

J-Vine Building Projects believes that the proficiency of effective Project Management requires a unique ability to transform what may seem as complex scenarios into simplified, effective solutions. Our project management team are driven by this believe to dedicate themselves to their duties with the highest degree of excellence & dedication. When approaching project management, J …

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Building of New Houses and Commercial Buildings

J-Vine Building Construction is a top-tier residential and commercial construction company that prides itself on reputation, quality and reliability. Building Of Houses In Cape Town J-Vine Construction is a top tier residential and commercial construction company that prides itself on reputation, quality and reliability.We specialize in Building of houses that are¬†memorable, affordable and superiorly constructed …

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Building Alterations

Building Alterations J-Vine Building Projects¬†has an experienced team that will be able to handle and provide for your building alterations needs. With years of experience in our industry, we have always provided satisfactory results for our customers as well as quality building alteration work including complete remodelling, periodic maintenance and handling of all minor repairs …

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Civil Works

Civil Works Cape Town J- Vine Building is a specialist civil works contractor and has been taking on projects since 1997. Since concrete work on a property is a lasting one, we take pride in ensuring that all our end products are of the highest quality possible and the best return on investment whether it …

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Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls Cape Town Due to an unfortunate crime rate increase in South Africa, boundary walls have increased in popularity. As a security measure, homeowners have been left with no choice but to erect high boundary / perimeter walls that will add beneficial privacy entertainment / play area for the family. The craze of Boundary …

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Painting Contractors

Painting Contractors Are you looking for the right kind of Painting Contractors, who are known for their finest possible services and 100%, assured results? If yes, then do not waste any more time and log onto the services of J-Vine Building Projects, where you will come across some of the extensive professional services, which you …

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Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services We all experience the time when we encounter some issues regarding the plumbing in our homes or offices. Things such as blocked drains or burst pipes could be of a massive inconvenience to everyone. Or maybe you would like to renovate or build a new bathroom and need the piping and other forms …

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